This subcommittee, entitled the Sustainability Curriculum Review Committee (SCRC), has the role of maintaining and monitoring the portfolio of academic courses and experiences needed to achieve the Sustainability Learning Outcomes as approved by the UVM Faculty Senate (7 April 2014). Serving as a sub-committee of the Curricular Affairs Committee of the Faculty Senate, the committee will have a representative of the Curricular Affairs Committee as an ex-officio member. For AY 2014-15, the Office of Sustainability will provide staff support to the committee.

I. Purpose

• Develop and oversee a phased-in implementation plan for the sustainability requirement.
• Propose changes to the sustainability requirement, as necessary, to the Faculty Senate.
• Solicit, review, and approve proposals for three pathways to fulfill the sustainability requirement:
  1. Courses that qualify for designation as a “Sustainability Course.”
  2. Curricula* that qualify for designation as a “Sustainability Curriculum.”
  3. Co-curricular activities that qualify for designation as a “Sustainability Co-Curriculum.”
• Develop and implement a policy for periodic review of approved sustainability courses, curricula, and co-curriculum stipulating revisions as necessary.
• Develop and implement a policy for review and approval of substitutions and alternatives of the sustainability requirement on a case-by-case basis.

II. Membership

  • The composition of the SCRC should be one faculty member from each of the seven undergraduate degree-granting schools and colleges (CALS, CAS, CESS, CEMS, CNHS, RSENR, BSAD).
  • The Chairperson(s) of the SCRC shall be designated by the committee, and a representative of the CAC shall be a voting ex officio member.
  • Members of the first committee will serve staggered terms with a third serving two years, a third serving three years, and a third serving four years. Thereafter all members will serve three-year terms.

III. Meetings

  • There will be at least two meetings a semester to address the functions of the SCRC.
  • The presence of four (4) voting members at any meeting shall constitute a quorum.

  • Note: Curricula are defined as majors, minors, programs, themes, concentrations, foci, etc. Curricula would generally be a sequence (must be more than one course), structured through an academic unit, and the sustainability learning outcomes must be imbedded in required components of the curricula.