GenEd Sustainability Learning Outcomes (SLO) Committee Meeting
Thursday, January 16, 2014
Jeffords 234, 4:00-5:00pm


I. Co-chairs welcome and announcements - 5 mins

II. Individual committee member reports - feedback on presentations of draft learning outcomes from faculty meetings - 15 mins
*A reminder to please submit any solicited comments via the blog:*

III. Subcommittee draft workplans (below) - 40 mins

Deane Wang
Christine Vatovec
Wendy Verrei Berenback
Laura Hill Bermingham
Marilyn Lucas
Sam Ghazey
Stephanie Kaza
Brian Lee
Allan Strong

Laura Webb
Lisa Watts Natkin

Tarah Rowse
Rycki Maltby

Sandy Wurthmann
Leon Walls

General Education Coordination Subcommittee
1) What is the process (Senate, Provost?s Office, Deans/Chairs) for creating a General Education infrastructure?
2) How is this related to IBB (funding, responsibility)
3) How are the roles distributed (course/curricular offerings, review, assessment, coordination, administration/funding)
4) What is the implementation plan and schedule

Outcome Assessment Subcommittee
1) What is the overall framework for assessment
2) Who does the assessment, who is responsible
3) What do we do with the assessment data, and how does it inform change
4) What should the actual assessment look like, can we do a trial?

Review Committee Structure and Processes
1) What are the responsibilities of the SLO Review Committee
2) What is the structure (representation and dynamics over time)
3) Who supports/funds the review process
4) What would a draft committee look like
5) Should the subcommittee create the first Review Committee?


In attendance: Deane Wang (co-chair), Laura Hill Bermingham (co-chair), Tarah Rowse, Allan Strong, Brian Lee, Rycki Maltby, Sam Ghazey, Marilyn Lucas, Wendy Verrei-Berenback, Stephanie Kaza, Laura Webb, Lisa Watts Natkin

Not in attendance: Sandy Wurthmann, Christine Vatovec, Leon Walls

Laura: We hope to present to the faculty senate at least twice this semester. The second presentation and the vote will be in April.

Laura: We are booking a conference room in the Davis Center for an open forum. That is five days prior to the Feb 10 Faculty Senate meeting. We hope to present the final SLOs at that Feb 10 mtg. The Open Forum will be in the Chittenden Bank Room on Feb 5 from 4:00 to 5:00pm.

Deane: How do we get the message out to students?

Sam: I will make an announcement at the SGA meeting and send out through the listserve.

Someone: How do we get the message out to the staff?

Wendy VB: Maybe it could go out to the representatives of the staff council? There is a standing committee with about 12 people on it. They do communications out to staff.

Lisa: I made a presentation to the GSS a while ago on the SLOs. I will send it out again. Announcement email.

Instead of meeting on January 31 shall we meet on February 7 so that we can process the comments from the Open Forum?


Deane: We've been in touch with Julie Roberts to send out the announcement about the Open Forum about a week before.

Laura HB: I presented to the CALS faculty yesterday. WE are looking to hear what feedback departments have received from presenting the SLOs.

Laura Webb: I presented to Arts and Sciences. At the college faculty meeting. No real response.

Laura HB: Not much feedback from CALS. I had the secretary send out the link to the SLOs and the blog.

Rycki: I've sent it out to Nursing and got one response.

Laura HB: At least we are not getting a ton of pushback. Any feedback we are getting is mostly positive. We have about ten comments on the blog at this point.

Deane: A message went out to our Advisory council group of 16 faculty. Hopefully we will get some commentary from them as well. We will ask them to look at what our subcommittee presents as well.

Marilyn: I haven't specifically asked for feedback yet. I will have an opportunity to get some feedback tomorrow at a lecture related to sustainability in the curriculum.

Deane: Would it be useful to present the SLOs in some sort of formal way?

Marilyn: We could do this. Send an email out at least.

Sam: Students are supporting it. They want to understand the rationale for why they are taking a sustainability course. Some students feel confused about why they took a D1 or D2. Sometimes students don't understand why a diversity course counts. That the course might not be educating them like it should.

Laura HB: How will we assess learning outcomes is a question that has come up. We've written the SLOs in order for them to be assessed. Let's move in to the subcommittees

Open discussion of review and assessment committee work.

Stephanie: Are we on the executive committee agenda two weeks before the Faculty Senate meeting.

We will be applying this to the incoming class in 2014, except that the catalogue is a contract and the courses would need to be in there.

Assessment Subcommittee Table:

Review Subcomittee Proposal: