Meeting with Brian and Eileen – Diversity committee

They have Gen Ed outcomes AND assessment group (2 goals for assessmen
– how do we know whether its BEEN effective (D1/D2) and where does assessment go in the future)
Eileen and Brian are the intersection between outcomes and assessment
The sustainability committee will model the committee structure, outcomes, etc to follow Writing & Info Literacy model
Does the Faulty Senate want to integrate the three Gen Ed initiatives – what is a desirable structure?

Ask Julie to consider an umbrella structure for the Gen Ed committees – present with all 3 committees
Sustainability LO is a gen ed ad-hoc committee (unlike full Gen Ed committee which morphed into Writing & Info Literacy)
Diversity is unusual because there was already a structure in place

Assessment proceeding: Student survey forms upcoming for outcomes for each D group
Quick discrimination index to track assessment
quick metric – did it work?

Structured interviews (Harvard model) – summer working group coming up
what intervention led to the change of mind? or was it many things?

Administrative role and committees to implement assessment (also requires resources)

Assessment is an important issue, should be brought up now and in a few years, maybe we’ll get there.
envisioning what it might take, etc.
resources – currently in transition (Provost)
NEAS accreditation – assessment important

Writing and Info Literacy has a good model for assessment – how do we use as a model and support?

Gen Ed Diversity is considering 2 different paths:
Menu of courses (CAS??)
integrated curriculum (RSNER)

Assessing each, will provide professional development to support

experiential components – abroad, internships, etc.

Related Issue: Possible new certificates in experiential learning (undergrad certificate)
Brian, Gail Nunley and Abu working on this
Global certificate, student leadership both in the works
Brian’s been to curricular affairs, so rhetorical discussion has ensued
e.g., significant experiential component with reflective piece (e.g., SGA president)

Brian mentioned a Environmental certificate? Sustainability certificate?

How does it fit with Envisioning Environment?
We are addressing 1 of the activities of EE

Follow up? What is the administration doing about EE?

Diversity group and we are both working on wiki sites – present to Fac Senate to explore
Accessible for the Gen Ed website (Ashley)