Sustainability Curriculum Review Committee SCRC
Date March 13, 2015
Jeffords 227 9:30-11:30

In Attendance: Alan Tinkler, Brian Lee, Laura Hill, Marilyn Lucas, Eyal Amiel, Beverly Wemple, Ann Hazelrigg, Deane Wang, Brian Reed

Notes: Anastassia Medvedeva

Meeting Notes:

  • Memos: Discussion of the memo to faculty to be distributed after the board approves
    • o Brian will send a memo first to chairs announcing requirement, followed by SCRC’s memo to faculty
    • o Include language about occasional SCRC hosted workshops for application support
    • o Timing of the memos- Brian Reed will send the memo to deans and chairs that the requirement is coming. Then 24 hours later send the memo to all faculty.
    • Faculty workshops: need help getting the word out about the workshops and possibility offering another workshop in April
    • Communication about requirement logistics: faculty senate website (link the wiki site from the provost website), present information at the council of deans (happens every other week), SCRC members will talk to their colleges leaders and colleagues, include an elevator paragraph on the website,
    • STARS courses: only STARS courses that do not have a prerequisite were included in the capacity analysis, Laura trimmed down the list of STARS focused courses using historical data to eliminate some 195 courses that are not taught regularly, SCRC voted two weeks ago to provisionally approve all STARS focused courses, Laura will email the spreadsheet of STARS courses to committee members, we are going to email all faculty teaching the STARS focused courses letting them know that their course has been designated for one year and inform them about what they need to do to keep their designation, the original list of courses to be considered for STARS were courses that were taught in AY 11/12 and met the AASHE sustainability focused requirement, Laura can provide information about the STARS designating process so committee members can explain to peers
    • NOTE: we need to make sure that if a grandfathered course does not go through full approval process the SU designation gets taken off their course by AY16/17
    • Enrollment and designation process: students taking a course in the Fall, that is approved in the fall, should be able to request through the CATS audit system to fulfill requirement, there may be a process that Keith can administered to all currently enrolled students as fulfilling the requirement. We need to ask register if a course is approved in the fall can that SU be assigned retroactively during the semester and automatically give students the requirement?
    • The course gets the designation, not the instructor! It is the three year review process that will maintain vigor with the course instructors changing.
    • Grandfathered Process: We could create another grandfathered process to go through all of the syllabi of courses taught by SFF alumni. These courses could be given one year expedited review process (for grandfathered status). We will send a letter to former SFF alumni informing them that there will be a one-year expedited review of their syllabi if they are interested. The review process will go through the same review process as the STARS-focused designated. The SCRC members should review the letter that will be emailed to SFF alumni, including the language about STARS-focused. Motion passed to incorporate all SFF alumni in opportunity for the one year expedited grandfathered process.
    • Add another SCRC meeting for May 8th at 12-2pm
    • Catalogue language: We need to quickly change some of the language. As is, it states that the courses will be listed on the provost site and we do not want to have separate lists from the registrar. The provost site can link to the wiki site. The course catalogue may list the co-curricula at some point. Co-curricular may have credit associate with it, to make it consistent and tractable. The next step may be to figure out how to approve a co-curricular option that is not credit bearing. Cynthia Reyes is leading a subgroup that is working on a syllabus for a co-curricular experiential learning activity options for meeting the diversity requirement. The idea is that students will participate in the outlined activities, including a reflective component, and a faculty member (who receives a course buy-out) will oversee the co-curricular modules to ensure the student has met the requirement.

Course Proposal Reviews

  • ENVS 188 Sustainability Science (already grandfathered course)
    • o This has prerequisites that have SU designations but many students jump the prerequisites to get into this course or transfer the credits in (i.e. AP high school courses), so this course may be applicable for students to meet the requirement.
    • o SLO #4- understanding roles in society and being able to understand that people come at different at things with different perspectives with empathy.
  • PSS 161 Fundamentals of Soil Science
    • o Introduces two of the four SLOs, so he needs to re-submit matrix with three of the four SLOs at the reinforce level. In review, SLO #4 can be re-categorize as reinforces.
    • o Conditionally approve: re-categorize SLO #4 as reinforce and give feedback about how to improve SLO #1 (if you are interested- not required) you could introduce sustainability earlier in the course