Sustainability Curriculum Review Committee SCRC
May 8, 2015
Jeffords 227 9:30-11:30

In Attendance: Alan Tinkler, Ann Hazelrigg, Eyal Amiel, Beverley Wemple, Christine Vatovec, Lisa Watts Natkin

  • Review report to faculty senate (attached)
  • Revisit discussion about where to post meeting minutes
  • Discuss capacity implementations with Beverley's points
  • Review SCRC charge and talk about Fall semester meeting schedule (attached)
  • Course Review: SOC 001, CDAE 006, HST 067, GEO 099, ANTH 021, MMG 230
Meeting Notes:
  • Faculty Senate Report: Deane and Laura drafted an end of the year report to give the Faculty Senate summarizing our work this past year. Everyone reviewed it and agreed it was a good. Possible new inclusions: implementation meeting with Brian Reed and Keith Williams (section approval vs. instructor, handling ongoing approvals), explaining how we revised the matrix form due to feedback, and the number of presentations to the faculty senate including all the student capacity data calculations.
  • Meeting minutes: Should we post them publicly? Ann talked to Cathy Paris and the CAC would not include sensitive discussions in their minutes. The wiki site seems to be helpful. There is a Google drive where an updated database exists. This is shared with the registrar.
  • CAS TAP course Training: Beverley was asked to inform a faculty training program during the summer about the new SU requirement, so they can advise their students appropriately. She did a capacity calculation, discovering that most of the SU courses are in only a few colleges. She is concerned about CNHS students (non-nursing) students and Engineering. Eyal said that the office of student services is aware and he is working on trying to incorporate the SLOs into a course that all students take. Currently the course is only one credit so he is trying to see if it can become 2 credits. The education program coordinators are aware of the requirement and see this as an opportunity to brand themselves as a sustainability education program (hoping to go for the curriculum pathway).
  • TO DO:
    • o Send the registrar the latest list of SU courses to make sure it up to date, also ask the registrar when the committee should inform them of new SU courses going forward (process)
    • o Email Julie Roberts and Lisa Altman Hall to see if the faculty senate has a shared drive for minutes for each of the committees? Is there an archive? What do they recommend for posting our minutes?
    • o Check with the registrar to see if Beverley’s TAP course has the SU designation.

  • Things to consider:
    • o Faculty teaching summer courses tend to be different than faculty during the fall and spring semesters, however some of the courses have the same title so they may have the SU designation without the faculty’s awareness
    • o Changing the course matrix form to include a section where the individual instructors who teach a different section of the same course have to sign off on the proposal. Maybe the program director also needs to sign the form. Add somewhere in the proposal form that the person submitting the form is responsible for the rest of the section instructors.
    • o How many seats in the “SU” courses are already taken by second year students who do not need to fulfill the requirement?
    • o Course leaf process- is there a way that the SU course proposal process can happen concurrently with the course leaf process?
    • o Designation is with the course title not the course number
    • o TAP courses- many have the same course title and number but have a different structure (including the writing requirement)- do they get an SU designation if that larger courses have it?
    • o Summer courses- should we be communicating with program chairs or dean’s about summer courses that get the SU designation because they have the same course title but may not be teaching the SLOs?
    • o Who should be managing who make sure the SLOs are taught in all of the different sections of an SU course? Should we send an email to program chairs every semester?
    • o Should we encourage ANTH to do the curriculum pathway as ANTH 21 is a major requirement? Should we be encouraging ideal departments to submit for curriculum?
    • o Should we have a short prompt when approving courses to encourage folks to add SLOs to their syllabus?
    • o Should we have an archive of the SU course syllabus (we would need instructor permission linked onto our site)?
    • o The SOC happens in September- so people will be thinking about their spring courses in early September.
    • Next year’s tasks:
  • o Create a process (using Diversity as a guide) for a student petitioning for the fulfilling the requirement.
  • o Maybe it would be helpful to have a meeting with some of the diversity folks to discuss best practices and asking how many students petition the committee to fulfill requirement
  • o Committee membership details in the SCRC charge, some will serve
Members of the first committee will serve staggered terms with a third serving two years, a third serving three years, and a third serving four years. Thereafter all members will serve three-year terms. Rory has an email saying the CAS committee members are serving a two year term. Each college maintains a list of committees needing faculty members. So each dean’s office needs to know the committee’s membership structure. We need to revisit previous communication about the current SCRC members to figure out how many years each member is serving. Lisa (OoS) is committed for next year. Ann (CAC) will check her commitment.
  • o Reach out to faculty teaching the grandfathered course and encourage them to apply.
  • o Another outreach effort to the council of the dean’s to encourage SU course proposal submissions and awareness about the issue of instructors teaching different sections of the same course.
  • No summer workshops, individual consultation can happen, depending on availability but we need to schedule a workshop early fall!
  • Fall 2015 Meeting Schedule: Tuesday & Fridays- 2-3:30

Course Review:

EC 40- Three sections & a TAP
Majority approved

SOC 001- switched introduced for SLO 1 (knowledge) and reinforcing for SLO #2-
Conditionally majority approved

CDAE 006- We need more information. Laura will communicate with them to get more information, maybe the list of guest speakers the last time it was taught?

GEO 099-
Majority Approved

ANTH 021-
Majority approved

HST 067-
Need more detailed information

MMG 230- need the syllabus
Conditionally majority approved