Agenda - Jeffords 326 9:30-10:30 AM

1) introductions/re-introductions
2) review the charge: ad-hoc Faculty Senate General Education Sustainability Committee
3) where we've been (Spring 2013)
(met with Writing Chairs, with Diversity Chairs, have draft SLO, Senate President in the loop, presented to Faculty Senate)
4) where we are going
(proposal for implementation including an assessment process and review committee)
5) using the website "tool"
6) next meeting and meeting times

GenEd Sustainability Learning Outcomes (SLO) Committee Meeting
September 11, 2013

In attendance: Laura Hill Bermingham (co-chair), Deane Wang (co-chair), Sam Ghazey, Stephanie Kaza, Brian Lee, Marilyn Lucas, Lisa Watts Natkin, Tarah Rowse, Allan Strong, Laura Webb, Christine Vatovec, Brian Reed (Associate Provost, consulting member)

Not in attendance: Rycki Maltby, Leon Walls, and Sandy Wurthmann

GenEd has a 3-year history
  • Faculty driven
  • Learning outcomes (LO) driven, goals for students, not course-based, outcome-based – can this be fundamentally different?

The Charge – create LO to present to Faculty Senate
  • Plan for implementation given division of departments and majors
  • We need a more flexible model with/LO
  • We have a fully representative committee

Brian Reed
  • Challenge: how do we institute LO w/in courses we already have
  • Good news: The new provost is supportive of GenEd
  • Less good news: We have a tight budget

SGA will play an integral role, Sam comments that the current SGA President is a proponent of GenEd

Brian Lee – Question
  • Assessing outcomes is part of it, yes?
  • Deane – Yes, a critical part of our recommendations to the Faculty Senate
  • John Ryan (?) – OIR will help, assessment protocols on wiki

  • Writing and Diversity, consistent framework, chairs are collaborating, assessment must also be consistent
  • Faculty Senate presentation May 2013 was a success with help of data from Office of Sustainability
  • LO provide sustainability components, but leave, it w/o a formal definition

  • April/May LO and proposal to the Faculty Senate
  • Update writing LO from Julie or Ashley on Wiki
  • Writing is in 2nd phase (writing in the disciplines- WID) of pilot with implementation in FY15
  • Robust assessment of 1st pilot (foundation) English composition, resulted in faculty receiving it well
  • WID – CDAE, Anthro, Business, Nursing – Phase II happening now
  • Our SLO would implement phases and use Phase II on a case-by-case basis rather than university-wide requirement
  • Stephanie said Office of Sustainability is working on the inventory of candidate classes for meeting SLO with STARS (Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System)
  • Lisa worked over the summer to get a list of courses to be ground-truthed and candidate courses, also doing additional research this semester on SFF
  • Question: How do we match syllabi to LO? Follow Diversity structure review committee in terms of structure and process?
    • Subcommittee of curriculum affairs get proposals and examine clear criteria, rigorous
    • Jackie Weinstock and Cathy Paris are co-chairs
      • This is an important conversation to continue
      • Stephanie mentioned a pilot test of pre and post that is statistically rigorous
      • NESSI survey- John Ryan and longitudinal growth – shall we invite John to next mtg?

Brian Reed - we need CAC approval and recommends that STARS and SLO are transparent

Present STARS at next mtg, Stephanie and Office of Sustainability

Marilyn recommends a UVM definition, Stephanie says it is evolving, complex, and mirrored to LO – there is a range of definitions

Coming up/to do
  • Wiki to review – edit and add material, revisit LO
  • October 7 – 5 minute presentation, with all committees?, Faculty Senate mtg
  • Contact Julie
  • + SFF application
  • Is wiki on the Faculty Senate website?