Sustainability Curriculum Review Committee SCRC
September 11, 2015
Aiken 311 2:15-3:45

In attendance: Brain Reed, Catherine Symans, Wendy Verrei-Berenback, Beverley Wemple, Eyal Amiel, Laura Hill, Deane Wang, Alan Tinkler, Ann Hazelrigg, Lisa Watts Natkin


  • Course leaf process
  • Website
  • 3 meetings before the Oct 27th deadline for SU designation in spring SOC
  • SCRC- SFF recruitment help
  • Transfer and waiver process
Proposals review (POLS 130, CDAE 61, CDAE 237, CE 132, GEOL 161)
Meeting Notes

Course Leaf: We are moving our course process into course leaf, which has been the online course action system for the last 3 years. The process was created using our course matrix as a template. Having faculty submit their courses via the course leaf mirrors the diversity process and allows for transparency. Department/college curriculum committees will receive the course leaf submission before the SCRC. The SCRC is the last stop before the provost. We need to make the curriculum committees aware that there is a new type of course submission. We are curious if having so many layers of people that need to pass the SU course submissions along will make it a long process. You can see where a course application is in its process, so we can check in with them if it is taking a long time. Lisa can keep a look out and try to move submissions along. Catherine tracks membership to DCRC and make sure they are part of the course leaf approval process. We can tweak the system if it is not working smoothly.

Transfer students, GAP students: GAP year students have taken enough college credits (usually as continuing education students) to enter their first year at UVM as sophomores, but they are required to fulfill the SU requirement as they entered UVM under this year’s catalogue. This is the same for transfer students- your contract is year’s catalogue when you matriculate into UVM. For the diversity requirement, student petition to receive credit and a student can petition for a course they took two years ago. We need to make faculty aware that they need to be advising these students to fulfill the SU requirement.

Waiver Process: DCRC has a subcommittee review waiver requests (Cathy Paris, chair of committee and Brian Reed). Students fill out a form, write an essay about how it is impacted their life, and submit the course syllabus. The committee of three reviews the applications and communicates via email about their decision. The decision goes through the registrar’s office and the committee staff person (Lisa) manages the process. Ann could represent the CAC on the subcommittee, with one of the chairs, and another volunteer. The DCRC usually reviews 12-15 applications a year.

Could the waiver process happen through the office of transfer affairs? If a course is accepted for transfer credit that matches a UVM course that has SU designation, the student may fulfill the SU requirement via the CATS system but not exposed to sustainability content. For example, if a student transfer in the equivalent (2/3rd similar content) of SU GEO 50, then in the CATS system they fulfilled the requirement. At this point, we are not going to worry about the few students that this might apply to. But maybe in a few years the committee can figure out how many students this happens to and try to create a system to catch this.

Timeframe: Oct 27 is the deadline to let the registrar know which spring courses are SU for the designation to be included in the SOC. For the fall, the SOC is already set. We think Keith Williams had mentioned that the registrar’s office can hand code students currently enrolled in a course that gets approved, but we need to verify that.

Assessment: Barbara Walvoord (assessment expert) is a Burack Distinguished lecturer on October 6th. The Academic Planning Council is launching an assessment pilot. It is a two-prong assessment plan, one at the program level (inviting programs that are up for accreditation) and at the general education level. Members of the general education committees (including SCRC) are invited to attend a workshop with Barbara on October 6th from 10:00-11:30. Libby Miles is piloting an assessment of the writing general education. Provost is giving one time funding to support the assessment pilot. Brian is going to send the proposal to the committee.

  • Deane and Laura will send an email to deans and directors about the new course leaf SU designation process. Their curriculum committees will need to approve SU application, but the SCRC will alleviate their burden of having to give the application thorough consideration by giving it a thorough consideration. Also mention SFF as a great way for faculty to redesign courses.
  • Lisa- Check to see if we need to add something on the registrar’s website so students can petition the SCRC for transfer SU fulfillment (link to our new website off the provost’s page)
  • Laura and Deane email Keith to clarify about hand coding currently enrolled students in a newly designated SU course
  • Lisa ask registrar for a list of first year students enrolled in an SU course this fall.
  • Lisa will email Kerry to get access to the course leaf
  • Lisa will follow up with faculty who submitted an SU application
  • Host a course design workshop for faculty teaching the grandfather courses
  • Having an SU requirement may be helpful in recruiting students to apply to UVM
Course Review
  1. 1. GEOL 161- approved
  2. 2. CE 132- conditional approved-
    1. a. SLO#1 move up to reinforce
    2. b. SLO #4- Introduced
  3. 3. CDAE 237 & CDAE 61- need more details please look at examples
  4. 4. POLS 130- will review first at next meeting