SCRC Meeting
October 10, 2014

In attendance: Alan Tinkler, Deane Wang, Laura Hill, Marilyn Lucas, Brian Lee, Ann Hazelrigg, Christine Vatovec

  • discuss submission material and format
  • formally review Deane’s HCol class and vote (test the process)
  • approve sending request for proposal to UVM faculty via Senate Office
  • approve submission material and format
  • review presentation plan for 13 October Faculty Senate 5 minute presentation – we did not discuss and Laura will email SCRC members with the presentation pdf
  • discuss outreach to departmental/unit faculty for proposal submissions – we did not discuss

SLO matrix for SCRC proposals
SCRC recommended the following edits to the SLO matrix:
  1. 1. Modify column 1
  • Please indicate which UVM SLO and if it…
  1. 2. Modify column 2
  • Relevant learning outcomes as identified on course syllabus or class materials
  • For curriculum review, please indicate course
  1. 3. Focus the matrix on the SLOs, not the activities
    1. a. modify the matrix to have 4 rows, have the 2nd col as the level (4 choices, I, R, M or N/A),
    2. b. SLO activities (lecture, etc), could have multiple points that support the SLOs

Brian mentioned that we could simply mention that faculty should indicate the highest level achieved (e.g., introduce, reinforce, mastering…) rather than breaking it out as Deane has done in his example matrix

The SCRC will use a quantitative matrix for approving proposals
What is the minimum across the entire campus? At least 6/12 or 7/12?
  • Introduce = 1 pt
  • Reinforce = 2 pts
  • Mastering = 3 pts
  • Total possible (if all 4 SLOs are mastery) = 12

The proposal submission guidelines should include the following:
  1. 1. Proposal submitted for SCRC review must at least contain an introduction of all 4 SLOs
    1. a. 1 lecture = I (introduce)
    2. b. Does R (reinforce) mean you have a lecture and then have a reflection activity? If so, it should be pretty easy to incorporate reinforcement by introducing a single activity.
    3. 2. Definitions of I, R and M

UVM has made a commitment to sustainability, so Alan and Brian argue that at least 2/4 SLO domains must be reinforced, rather than simply introduced

Of the 4 SLOs, at least 2 (or 3?) must be reinforced or mastery of 1 SLO with all 4 SLOs introduced
  • Deane – is it 2/4 or 3/4 reinforced? This was left unresolved…

Motion to approve HCOL 186 Ecology for Sustainability as submitted:
Alan made a motion to approve HCOL 186
Laura seconded
Discussion –
  • We need to provide at least a sentence including definitions of I, R and M with perhaps some examples of each
  • Courses that are submitted for review and go through the process may result in the modification of the matrix and proposal submission process
  • Alan - For curriculum reviews, we should expect Mastery of at least 1 SLO
The motion to approve HCOL 186 was approved unanimously

Faculty memo to solicit sustainability proposals
The memo to the faculty soliciting proposal was edited by committee members and will be send with the finalized matrix to the Faculty Senate for dissemination the week of October 13, 2014

Adjourn: Friday, October 10, 2014 at 3:34pm